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LOOKUP 05192012 A

一向 yat heung: always (previously) / a period of time in the recent past.
開花 hoi faa: to bloom / to blossom / to flower / fig. to burst open / to feel happy or elated / new development grows out.
laan: rotten, spoiled, decayed; soft / mushy / well-cooked and soft / to rot / to decompose / rotten / worn out / chaotic / messy / utterly / thoroughly,
交融 gaau yung: to blend / to mix.
yung: melt, fuse; blend, harmonize.
變得 bin dak: to become.
綿 min: cotton wad; wool; soft, downy. silk floss / continuous / soft / weak / mild-mannered (topolect).
gwat, waat: slip, slide; slippery, polished; to slip / to slide / smooth / slippery / cunning.
部分 bou fan: part / share / section / piece.
加入 gaa yap: to become a member / to join / to mix into / to participate in / to add in.
適量 sik leung: appropriate amount.
sik, dik: match, comfortable; just.
leung: measure, quantity, capacity.
heui: go away, leave, depart; to go / to go to (a place) / to cause to go or send (sb) / to remove / to get rid of / (when used either before or after a verb) to go in order to do sth / to be apart from in space or time / (after a verb of motion indicates movement away from the speaker) / (used after certain verbs to indicate detachment or separation) / (of a time or an event etc) just passed or elapsed.
hok: casing, shell, husk, hull, skin; shell / carapace / crust (earth's crust etc).
芯 sam: lamp pith / wick; pith from rush (juncus effusus); core.
白果 baak gwo: ginkgo.
銀杏 ngan hang: ginkgo.
增加 jang gaa: to raise / to increase.
jang: increase, add to, augment.
清香 ching heung: sweet scent / fragrant odor.
口感 hau gam: taste / texture (of food) / how food feels in the mouth.
gam: feel, perceive, emotion.
消化 siu faa: to digest / digestion / digestive.
容易消化 yung yi siu faa: easy to digest. 消 siu: vanish, die out; melt away.
有時 yau si: sometimes / now and then.
配料 pui liu: ingredients (in a cooking recipe) / to mix materials according to directions.
pui: match, pair; equal; blend.
liu: consider, conjecture; materials, ingredients.
食肆 sik sei: restaurant / eatery.
si, sei: indulge; excess; numeral four; particle meaning now, therefore; shop.
夥計 fo gei: variant of 伙計.
fo: companion; partner; assistant.
gei: plan, plot; strategem; scheme.
少量 siu leung: a smidgen / a little bit / a few.
腐竹 fu juk: roll of dried tofu strips.
fu: rot, decay, spoil; rotten.

加少量陳皮, 白果, 及腐竹伴煮 "Gaa siu leung chan pei, baak gwo, gap fu juk pun jyu"
Add a little dried tangerine peel, ginko, and dried tofu skin strip to cook along with it.

會增添香味 "Jang tim heung mei"
It will add to the delicious aroma.

yau: infant, young child; immature.
jo: assist, aid, second; subordinate.
pui: match, pair; equal; blend; to join / to fit / to mate / to mix / to match / to deserve / to make up (a prescription).
gon: dry / clean / in vain / dried food / foster / adoptive / to ignore.
瑤 yiu: Yao ethnic group of southwest China and southeast Asia / surname Yao; precious jade; used a complementary honorific.
chyu: pillar, post; support; lean on.
si: silk; fine thread; wire; strings.
增添 jang tim: to add / to increase.
jang: increase, add to, augment.
tim: append, add to; increase.
香味 heung mei: fragrance / bouquet / sweet smell.
常見 seung gin: commonly seen / common / to see sth frequently.
早餐 jou chaan: breakfast.

獨特 duk dak: unique / distinct / having special characteristics.
duk: alone, single, solitary, only.
dak: special, unique, distinguished.
gwan, kwan: turn, roll, rotate; boil.
做法 jou faat: way of handling sth / method for making / work method / recipe / practice.
就是 jau si: (emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated) / precisely / exactly / even / if / just like / in the same way as.
wo: nest; cave, den; hiding place; nest / pit or hollow on the human body / lair / den / place / to harbor or shelter / to hold in check / to bend / classifier for litters and broods.
lei, leui: inside, interior, within; also written 裡|里.
tou: take out, pull out; variant of 掏.
搯出 tou cheut: to remove, to extract.
特別 dak bit: especially / special / particular / unusual.
加熱 gaa yi: to heat.
翻滾 faan gwan: to roll / to boil.
faan: flip over, upset, capsize.

翻滾後加入新鮮的肉 "faan-gwan hau gaa-yap san sin yiuk"
Once it's boiling add some fresh meat.

肉類 yiuk leui: meats.
海鮮 hoi sin: seafoods.
動物內臟 dung mat noi jong: internal organ meats.
內臟 noi jong: internal organs / viscera.
noi: inside, interior; domestic.
jong: internal organs, viscera.
緊緊 gan gan: closely / tightly.
gan: tense, tight, taut; firm, secure.
suk: well-cooked; ripe; familiar with ; cooked (of food) / ripe (of fruit) / mature (of seeds) / familiar / skilled / done.
gong: hard, tough, rigid, strong.
保持 bou chi: to keep / to maintain / to hold / to preserve.
bou: protect, safeguard, defend, care.
chi: sustain, support; hold, grasp.
nyun, nuen: soft, tender, delicate; young; tender / soft / delicate / light (color) / inexperienced / unskilled.
seut: narrate, state, express.
鯇魚 waan yue: carp.
草魚 chou yuu: grass carp.
鱅魚 jung yue: tench.
魚頭 yue tau: fish head / fig. upright and unwilling to compromise.
haai: crab. 及第 gap dai: to pass an imperial examination.
gap, kap: extend; reach; come up to; and.
dai: sequence, number; grade, degree.
馳名 chi meng: famous.
chi: go quickly or swiftly; hurry.
haap: clasp under arm; hold to bosom.
hei: rise, stand up; go up; begin.
jim: moisten, wet, soak; touch; to be infected by / to receive benefit or advantage through a contact.
wun: bowl, small dish, cup.
geung: ginger.
胡椒粉 wu jiu fan: ground pepper (i.e. powder).
wan: to mix, blend, mingle; to bumble along; muddy, dirty; also written 渾.
在一起 joi yat hei: together.
進食 jeun sik: to take a meal / to eat.
然後 yin hau: after / then (afterwards) / after that / afterwards.
chi: spoon.
左右手 jo yau sau: left and right hands / fig. collaboration.
jo: left; east; unorthodox, improper.
yau: right; west; right-wing.
分工 fan gung: to divide up the work / division of labor.
合作 hap jok: to cooperate / to collaborate / to work together / cooperation.
分工合作 fan gung hap jok: to work together harmoniously, to labour amicably in tandem.
dai: bottom, underneath, underside; background / bottom / base / the end of a period of time / towards the end of (last month).
乾貝 gon bui: conpoy / dried scallop.
藉以 je yi: variant of 借以 so as to / for the purpose of / in order to.
使用 si yung: to use / to employ / to apply / to make use of.
味精 mei jing: monosodium glutamate (MSG) / Ajinomoto.
jeng, jing: essence; semen; spirit.
yik: also.
seung: common, normal, frequent, regular.
加上 gaa seung: plus / to put in / to add / to add on / to add into / in addition / on top of that.
dyun, duen: section, piece, division; paragraph / section / segment / stage (of a process) / classifier for stories, periods of time, lengths of thread etc.
脆脆 cheui cheui: crispy.
cheui: crisp; fragile, frail; brittle.
浸入 jam yap: to soak / to dip.
jam: soak, immerse, dip, percolate.
片刻 pin haak: short period of time / a moment.
haak, hak: carve, engrave; quarter hour.
輕微 hing mei: slight / light / trivial / to a small extent.
heng, hing: light; easy, simple; gentle.
mei: small, prefix micro-, trifling.
軟化 yuen faa: to soften.
yuen: soft, flexible, pliable; weak.
隔夜 gaak ye: overnight / of the previous day.
gaak: separate, partition.
一回事 yat wui si: one thing / the same as.
那麼一回事 na mo yat wui si: similar, of the same type, comparable. 外加 ngoi gaa: in addition / extra.
蔥花 chung faa: chopped onion.
吃法 hat faat: way of eating / how something is eaten / how a dish is prepared / the way a dish is to be cooked.
hat, hek, yaak: eat; drink; suffer, endure, bear.


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