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Ongoing discussion of international methods of payment.

供應商 gung ying seung: supplier.
gung: supply, provide for; offer in worship.
ying: should, ought to, must.
要求 yiu kau: to request, require, stake a claim, ask, demand.
付款方式 fu fun fong sik: terms of payment, payment method.
fu: give, deliver, pay, hand over; entrust.
fung: item, article; clause; fund.
fong: a square, rectangle; a region; local.
sik: style, system, formula, rule.
基本 gei bun: basic, fundamental, elementary.
gei: foundation, base.
大致 daai ji: more or less, roughly, approximately.
ji: send, deliver, present; cause.
了解 liu gaai: to understand, to realize, to find out.
liu: to finish; particle of completed action.
gaai: loosen, unfasten, untie; explain.
只有 jek yau: only.

"only have half bucket" - possibly meaning 'a rough idea'.

daan: yet, but, however.
只有 ji yau: only, just.
pun: half.
tung: bucket.
seui: water.

詳細 cheung sai: detailed, in detail.
cheung: detailed, complete, thorough.
sai: fine, tiny; slender, thin.
解釋 gaai sik: explanation, to explain, to interpret, to resolve.
gaai: loosen, unfasten, untie; explain.
sik: interprete, elucidate; release.
一下 yat haa: (used after a verb) give it a go, to do for a bit to give it a try, one time, once in a while, all of a sudden, all at once.
ne, nei, ni: interrogative or emphatic final; inquiring about location; signaling a pause; emphasize the preceding; continuation of a state or action; strong affirmation.

樓主, 以下請參考
"lau jyu, yi haa cheng chaam haau."
original poster, please review the material below.

樓主 lau jyu: original poster in an online forum; landlord of a building.
以下 yi haa: below, under, the following.
參考 chaam haau: consultation, reference, to consult, to refer.
chaam: take part in, intervene; ginseng.
haau: examine, test; investigate.

支付 ji fu: to pay (money).
ji: disperse, pay; support; branch.
fu: give, deliver, pay, hand over; entrust.
條款 tiu fun: clause of contract or law.
tiu: clause, condition; string, stripe.
fun: item, article; clause; fund.
jik: promptly, quickly, immediately.
gei: period of time; date; time limit.
信用證 suen yung jing: letter of credit.
jing: proof, evidence; testify, verify.
或者 waak je: or, possibly, maybe, perhaps.
預付金 yiu fu gam: advance payment.
預付 yiu fu: to pay in advance, prepaid.
yiu: surplus.
掃描 sou miu: to scan.
sou: sweep, clear away; exterminate.
miu: copy, trace, sketch; depict.
應該 ying goi: ought to, should, must.
ying: should, ought to, must.
goi: should, ought to, need to.
就是 jau si: emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated.
希望 hei mong: to wish for.
hei: rare; hope, expect, strive for.
mong: to look at, look forward; to hope, expect.
滿意 mun yi: satisfied, pleased, to one's satisfaction.
滿 mun: fill; full, satisfied.
yi: thought, idea, opinion; think.

付款方式 fu fun fong sik: terms of payment / payment method.
電匯 din wui: telegraphic transfer (TT).
預付 yiu fu: to pay in advance / prepaid.
的款 dik fun: reliable funds.
fo: goods, commodities, products.
fu: give, deliver, pay, hand over; entrust.
yuen: complete, finish, settle; whole.


餘額 yiu ngaak: balance of an account, bill etc., surplus, remainder.
yiu: surplus, excess, remainder.
ngaak: forehead; tablet, plaque; fixed.
提單 dai daan: bill of lading.
dai: hold in hand; lift in hand.
daan: single, individual, only; lone.
付款 fu fun: to pay a sum of money; payment.

追問 jeui man: to question closely, to investigate in detail.
jeui: pursue, chase after; expel.
客戶 haak wu: client, customer.
收到 sau dou: to receive.
萬一 maan yat: just in case, if by any chance; contingency.
naa: to hold, to seize, to catch, to apprehend, to take.
剩下 sing haa: to remain, left over.
怎麼辦 zammoban: what's to be done (Mandarin).
沒有辦法 mut yau baan faat: there is nothing to be done, one can't do anything about it.
防止 fong ji: to prevent, to guard against, to take precautions.
fong: defend; prevent; embankment.
ji: stop, halt, desist; detain.
回答 wui daap: to reply, to answer.
不會 bat wui: improbable, unlikely, will not.
出現 chuet yin: to appear, arise, emerge.
情況 ching fong: circumstances, state of affairs, situation.
ching: feeling, sentiment, emotion.
fong: condition, situation; furthermore.
gang: to change or replace, experience.
買家 maai gaa: buyer, client.
gei: already; de facto; since; then.
jau: just, simply; with regard to, concerning.
麻煩 maa faan: inconvenient, troublesome, annoying; to trouble or bother.
最好 jeui hou: best.
成交 ching gaau: to complete a contract, to reach a deal.
方式 fong sik: way, pattern, style, mode, manner.
這樣 che yeung: this kind, this way, like this, such.
控制 hung jai: control, to exercise control over, to contain.
hung: accuse, charge; control.
jai: system; establish; overpower.
kuen: power, right, authority.
實在 sat joi: really, actually, indeed; reality.
不行 bat hang: won't do, out of the question.
辦法 baan faat: means, method, way of doing.
退 teui: step back, retreat, withdraw.
wan: luck, fortune; ship, transport.
既然 gei yin: since, as, this being the case.
gei: already; de facto; since; then.
yin: yes, certainly; pledge, promise.
老外 lou ngoi: foreigner.
定金 deng gam: down payment, advance payment.
deng, ding: decide, settle, fix.
一般 yat bun: same, ordinary, so-so, common, general, generally, in general.
ban, bo: sort, manner, kind, category.
不可能 bat ho nang: impossible / cannot / not able.
不要 bat yiu: don't!, must not.

賣方 maai fong: seller (in contracts).
影印 ying yan: photographic reproduction, photocopying / photo-offset.
指定 ji deng: to appoint, assign, indicate clearly and with certainty; designated.
賬戶 jeung wu: bank account, online account.
現金 yin gam: cash.
全部 chuen bou: whole, entire, complete.
款項 fun hong: funds / a sum of money.
發貨 faat fo: to dispatch, to send out goods.
戶頭 wu tau: bank account.
交易 gaau yi: business transaction, business deal.
suen: count, calculate, figure; plan.
完成 yuen ching: to complete, to accomplish.

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