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LOOKUP 05132012 A

The Salt Fields

鹽田區 yim tin keui: Yantian district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong.
廣東省 gwong dung saang: Guangdong province (Kwangtung) in south China, short name 粵|粤, capital Guangzhou 廣州.
下轄 haa hat: administered by / under the rule of.
轄 hat: linchpin of wheel; control.
市轄區 si hat keui: city district (county-level administrative unit).
深圳 sam jan: Shenzhen subprovincial city in Guangdong, special economic zone close to Hong Kong.
羅湖區 lo wu keui: Luohu district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong.
以東 yi dung: to the east of (suffix).
比鄰 bei leun: neighbor / next-door neighbor / near / next to.
比 bei: to compare, liken; comparison; than.
區分 keui fan: to differentiate / to find differing aspects.
出來 tseut loi: to come out / to emerge.
成立 seng lap: to establish / to set up / to be tenable / to hold water.
沙頭角 daa tau gok: Sha Tau Kok (town in Hong Kong).
居民 geui man: resident / inhabitant.
居 geui: live, dwell, reside, sit.
居住 geui jyu: to reside / to dwell / to live in a place / resident in.
住 jyu: reside, live at, dwell, lodge; stop.
地域 dei wik: area / district / region.
橫跨 waang kwaa: to span / to stretch across.
橫 waang: across, horizontal, lateral.
跨 kwaa: straddle, bestride, ride; carry.
深港 sam gong: Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
遊人 yau yan: a tourist.
遊 yau: wander, roam, travel.
地點 dei dim: place / site / location / venue.

行政區劃 hang jing keui waak: administrative subdivision.
政 jing: government, political affairs.
劃 waak: divide, mark off, lay boundary.
地理 dei lei: geography.
大鵬 daai pang: roc (mythical bird of prey).
背 bui: to be burdened / to carry on the back or shoulder; back; back side; behind; betray; the back of a body or object / to turn one's back / to hide something from / to learn by heart / to recite from memory / unlucky (slang) / hard of hearing.
仔 jai: variant of 崽; small thing, child; young animal; meticulous / (of domestic animals or fowls) young.
靠 kaau: to lean against or on / to stand by the side of / to come near to / to depend or rely on / to trust / to fuck (vulgar) / traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old).
連 lin: to link / to join / to connect / continuously / in succession / including / (used with 也, 都 etc) even / company (military).
龍崗區 long gong keui: Longgang district of Shenzhen City 深圳市, Guangdong.
崗 gong: post; position.
梧桐 ng tung: wutong or Paulownia tree (Fermiana platanifolia), a lightweight strong wood used for musical instruments / Chinese parasol tree.
界 gaai: boundary, limit; domain; society; the world.
面積 min jik: area (of a floor, piece of land etc) / surface area / tract of land.
平方公里 ping fong gung lei: square kilometer.
人口 yan hau: population.
主要 jyu yiu: main / principal / major / primary.
集中 jaap jung: to concentrate / to centralize / to focus / centralized / concentrated / to put together. 集 jaap: assemble, collect together.
鄰近 leun gan: neighboring / adjacent / near / vicinity.
另外 ling ngoi: additional / in addition / besides / separate / other / moreover / furthermore.
另 ling: another, separate, other.
位於 wai yiu: to be located at / to be situated at / to lie.
旅遊熱點 leui yau yit dim: a hot tourist attraction / a tourist trap.
每逢 mui fung: every time / on each occasion / whenever.
逢 fung: come upon, happen meet; flatter.
假日 gaa yat: holiday / non-working day.
內 noi: inside / inner / internal / within / interior.
浴場 yuk cheung: bathing spot.
擠滿 jai mun: crowded to bursting point / filled to overflowing / jam-packed.
擠 jai: crowd, squeeze, push against.
對外 deui ngoi: external / foreign / pertaining to external or foreign (affairs).
港口 gong hau: port / harbor.
亦 yik: also, too; likewise.
工商業 gung seung yip: business.
所在地 so joi dei: location / site.
所 so: place, location; numerary adjunct.

旅遊 leui yau: trip / journey / tourism / travel / tour.
旅 leui: trip, journey; travel; traveler.
遊 yau: wander, roam, travel.
旅遊景點 leui yau ging dim: tourist attraction / travel sight.
中英 jung ying: Sino-British / Chinese-English.
英 ying: petal, flower, leaf; brave, a hero; England, English.
森林 sam lam: forest.
森 sam: forest; luxuriant vegetation.
東部 dung bou: the east / eastern part.
部 bou: part, division, section.
華僑 waa kiu: overseas Chinese / (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality.
僑 kiu: sojourn, lodge.
鹽田 yim tin: saltpan.
國際 gwok jai: international.
際 jai: border, boundary, juncture.
集裝箱 jaap jong seung: container (for shipping).
碼頭 maa tau: dock / pier / wharf.
碼 maa: number, numerals; yard; symbol.
簡稱 gaan ching: abbreviation / short form.
稱 ching: call; name, brand; address; say.
和記黃埔 wo gei wong bou: Hutchison Whampoa.
記 gei: record; keep in mind, remember.
埔 bou: plain, arena; port, market.
集團 jaap tuen: group / bloc / corporation / conglomerate.
集 jaap: assemble, collect together.
團 tuen: sphere, ball, circle; mass, lump.
合資 hap ji: joint venture.
資 ji: property; wealth; capital.
分為 fan wai: to divide sth into (parts) / to subdivide.
東 dung: east / host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest) / landlord.
及 gap: and / to reach / up to / in time for.
其中 gei jung: among / in / included among these.
中港 jung gong: PRC and Hong Kong.
至 ji: reach, arrive; extremely, very.
建設 gin chit: to build / to construct / construction / constructive.
建 gin: build, establish, erect, found.
設 chit: build; establish; display; particle of hypothesis, supposing.

歷史 lik si: history.
歷 lik: take place, past, history.
史 si: history, chronicle, annals.
合營 hap ying: to operate jointly / a joint venture / cooperative.
營 ying: encampment, barracks; manage.
國企 gwok kei: state enterprise.
企 kei: plan a project; stand on tiptoe.
合作 hap jok: to cooperate / to collaborate / to work together / cooperation.
西部 sai bou: western part.
港區 gong keui: port area; Minato area of downtown Tokyo.
眾多 jung do: numerous.
眾 jung: masses, people, multitude, crowd.
不同 bat tung: different / distinct / not the same / not alike.
企業 kei yip: company / firm / enterprise / corporation.
數一數二 so kyat sok yi: to enumerate / reckoned to be first or second best (idiom); one of the very best.
數 sou, sok: number; several; count; fate.
經營者 ging ying je: executive / manager / transactor.
於 yiu, wu: in / at / to / from / by / than / out of; in, at, on; interjection alas!
經營 ging ying: to engage in (business etc) / to run / to operate.
多年來 do nin loi: for the past many years.
均 gwan: equal / even / all / uniform; fair; all, also.
統一 tung yat: to unify / to unite / to integrate.
統 tung: govern, command, control; unite.
管理 gun lei: to supervise / to manage / to administer / management / administration.

非 fei: not, negative, non-; oppose; to not be / not / wrong / incorrect / non- / un- / in- / to reproach or blame / (colloquial) to insist on / simply must.
全資附屬公司 chuen ji fu suk gung si: wholly owned subsidiary.
附 fu: adhere to, append; rely on near to.
屬 suk: class, category, type; to belong to.
佔 jim: occupy by force, usurp; possess.
股權 gu kuen: equity shares / stock right.
權益 kuen yik: rights and benefits.
直至 jik ji: lasting until / up till (the present).
直 jik: straight, erect, vertical.
信託 seun tok: to entrust / trust bond (finance).
託 tok: entrust, rely on; commission.
出現 cheut yin: to appear / to arise / to emerge / to show up.
當時 dong si: then / at that time / while.
當 dong: bear, accept, undertake; just.
增 jang: increase, add to, augment.
持 chi: sustain, support; hold, grasp; to hold / to grasp / to support / to maintain / to persevere / to manage / to run (i.e.
administer) / to control.
原 yuen: source, origin, beginning; former / original / primary / raw / level / cause / source.
間接 gaan jip: indirect.
接 jip: receive; continue; catch; connect.
持有 chi yau: to hold (passport, views etc).
持 chi: sustain, support; hold, grasp.
按 on: to press / to push / to leave aside or shelve / to control / to restrain / to keep one's hand on / to check or refer to / according to / in the light of / (of an editor or author) to make a comment.
比例 bei lai: proportion / scale.
比 bei: to compare, liken; comparison; than.
例 lai: precedent, example; regulation.
投資 tau ji: investment / to invest.
投 tau: throw, cast, fling, pitch; jump.
擴建 kwok gin: to extend a building.
擴 gwok, kwok, kwong: expand, enlarge, stretch.
使 si: cause, send on a mission, order; envoy, messenger, ambassador; employ.
下降 haa gong: to decline / to drop / to fall / to go down / to decrease.
降 gong: descend, fall, drop; lower, down.
出售 cheut sau: to sell / to offer for sale / to put on the market.
售 sau: sell.
控制 hung jai: control / to exercise control over / to contain.
控 hung: accuse, charge; control.
制 jai: system; establish; overpower.
收購 sau gau: to purchase (from various places) / to acquire (a company).
購 gau: buy, purchase; hire.
港股 gong gu: Hong Kong shares.
部分 bou fan: part / share / section / piece.
價 gaa: price / value / valence (on an atom).
人民幣 yan man bai: Renminbi (RMB) / Chinese Yuan (CNY).
幣 bai: currency, coins, legal tender.
現金 yin gam: cash.
完成 yuen sing: to complete / to accomplish.
轉讓 jyun yeung: transfer (technology, goods etc) / conveyancing (property).
轉 jyun: shift, move, turn.
讓 yeung: allow, permit, yield, concede.
股份 gu fan: a share (in a company) / stock.
分別 fan bit: to part or leave each other / to distinguish / difference / in different ways / differently / separately or individually.
調整 diu jing: to adjust / adjustment / revision.
調 diu: transfer, move, change; tune.
整 jing: orderly, neat, tidy; whole.
大股東 daai gu dung: large stockholder / majority shareholder.
潤 yeun: soft, moist; sleek; freshen.
創業 chong yip: to begin an undertaking / to start a major task / to initiate / to venture / venture / entrepreneurship.
創 chong: establish, create; knife cut.
母公司 mou gung si: parent company.
港幣 gong bai: Hong Kong currency / Hong Kong dollar.
核心 hat sam: core / nucleus.
核 hat: seed, kernel, core, nut; atom.
業務 yip mou: business / professional work / service.
業 yip: business / professional work / service.
務 mou: affairs, business; must, should.
超市 chiu si: supermarket (abbr.).
超 chiu: jump over, leap over; surpass.
市 si: market, fair; city, town; trade.
酒廠 jau chong: wine factory / distillery.
廠 chong: factory, plant, workshop, mill.

資產價值 ji chaan gaa jik: value of assets.
資 ji: property; wealth; capital.
產 chaan: give birth, bring forth, produce.
價 gaa: price, value.
值 jik: price.
總額 jung ngaak: total (amount or value).
總 jung: collect; overall, altogether.
額 ngaak: forehead; tablet, plaque; fixed.
包括 baau kut: to comprise / to include / to involve / to incorporate / to consist of.
括 kut: include, embrace, enclose.

NOTE: Yantian, Hutchison Whampoa

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