Friday, May 17, 2013

LOOKUP 05172013 A

Recognized words containing 艸.

me: bleat of sheep; surname.
mong: Miscanthus sinensis.
fan: fragrance, aroma; perfume.
sam: pith from rush (juncus effusus).
faa: flower; blossoms.
fong: fragrant; virtuous; beautiful.
kan: celery.
toi: lichen, moss.
mui: berries.
juet, jyut: to sprout, flourish; sprouts appearing above-ground; vigorous.
maau: grass species, mallow.
chaai, chi, ji: red plant dye herb.
gau: to be circumspect or cautious in behaviour.
gaak, gok: allium victorialis.
ming: teaplant, tea sprout.
茞 choi, ji, chan: angelica.
wui: fennel.
lai: lichee.
jeuk: angelica spp leaf; medicine.
tou: a bitter vegetable.
lei: jasmine.
jong: village, ville; surname.
hang: an aquatic plant; Nymphoides peltalum.
geng, hang: stem, stalk.
pou: a thicket.
cheung: calamus, sweet flag.
suk: peas and beans.
seui: dense and close-set.
loi: goosefoot plant; vacant field.
chai: luxuriant of leaves and foliage; densely crowded.
mang: sprout.
ping: duckweed; to wander about.
wai: wilted, withered.
jeuk, jyu: to wear. Manifested.
lok, laai: fall, drop; income, surplus.
keung: ginger.
kwai: sunflower, mirasol.
chap, jap: fix, repair, thatch. Heap.

mung: cover; ignorant; Mongolia.
suen, syun: garlic.

wu, yuek: measure, calculate.
yuek: reeds and rushes.
chong: blue-green.
chuk: store, hoard, gather.
yung: hibiscus, Chengdu.
yung: luxuriant foliage and vegetation; lush, verdant.
ying: polish; gleam.
ngai: art, talent, ability.
mit: disdain, despicion.
dai: plant-stem.
chung: allium spp, scallions and leeks.
kau: nutmeg; cardamom.
lai: brambles.
jeui: buds, budding flowers; unopened flower buds.
fan: to cauterize. Moxa.
ngai: art, skill, craft. talent.
leui: vine, creeper; to wind.
lou: rushes, reeds; thatch.
sou: revive, resurrect; a species of thyme.
ping: apple.
蘷,虁 kwai: monopedal monster; walrus.
mun: asparagus; a red stalked type of millet.

NOTE: 艸 chou - grass radical

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