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GLOSSARY 02092011

Glossary .

: Surplus, excess. Enough. Left over. Remainder.
Sing: To rise, ascend.
: Fish.
Sang: Alive. Living. To give birth to. Activity.
Lo: To haul up, dredge.
Hei: Rise, raise; begin, start; risen; one of a class.
Hong: Goose; great, large; enormously.
Wan: Move, transport; fortunate, lucky.
Dong: Suitable, fitting, proper; should, ought.
Tau: Head, first.
Bou: Step, pace; advance.
Gou: High, lofty, elevated.
Sing: To rise, ascend (same as 陞). 青 Cheng: Blue, green, black, young, fresh.
Chun: Spring.
青春 Cheng chun: youth.
Seung: Common, normal.
Chu: Reside, occupy; to halt.
常駐 Seung chu: Resident, to be stationed.
Taai: Great, big, vast.
Kat: Auspicious, propitious.
Lei: Gain, advantage, profit.
Chiew: Beckon, summon, invite.
Choi: Wealth, richness.
Jeun: progress towards, advance.
Bou: Treasure, jewels: precious.
Do: Many, much; again.
Yau: Oil.
Soei: Water, liquid; money flowing, homonym for payments.
Kam: Gold; funds.
Ngaan: Silver.
Mun: To fill, to be full up, replete.
Ok: Residence, house.
Sang: Alive. Living. To give birth to. Activity.
Yi: Idea, meaning, thought; intend, anticipate.
生意 Sang yi: Doing business, engaged in commerce.
Hing: Flourish, prosper; excited.
Lung: Prosperous, grand, intensive.
興隆 Hing lung: Prosperous, thriving.
Pin: Speed aloft, fly fast.
Dei: Earth, land; intensifying particle.
Wong: Yellow, golden hued.
Kam: Gold; funds.
Nien: Year.
Yau: To have; there is, there are.
: Surplus, excess. Enough. Left over. Remainder.
Tim: Sweet.
Mat: Honey.
Yuet: Exceed, over, surpassed; Vietnam and Canton, etcetera.
Lok: Record, write down; employ, utilize, hire.
Yau: To have; there is, there are.
Pok: Thin, slight, weak, stingy, poor.
Cheui: Crisp, fragile, brittle.
薄脆 Pok cheui: Thin and crispy.
Beng: Cookie, cracker, biscuit, pastry.
Gon: Dry; penetrating, generative principle.
餅乾 Beng gon: Biscuit, cracker.
Ji: Character, letter; word.
Woei: Collect, compile; assembly; hedgehog. Also written 匯 and 滙. 字彙 Ji woei: Glossary, lexicon; vocabulary.
Naam: South, southern.
: Breast, teat, milk; dairy product; creamlike substances, tofu products.
南乳: Naam yü: Red fermented tofu; tofu matured with rice-wine yeast.
Chun: Spring.
Jit: Festival, holiday; node, joint, section; classifier for segmented things.
春節 Chun jit: Spring festival, Chinese New Year.

NOTE: Pok-cheui

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