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監獄風雲 gaam yuk fung wan

監獄風雲 gaam yuk fung wan: Prison on Fire. Movie directed by Ringo Lam, starring Chow Yunfat and Tony Leung, made in 1987.
監獄 gaam yuk: prison, gaol.
gaam: supervision, control.
yuk: prison, gaol; lawsuit, legal case.
fung: wind, air. Atmosphere. Manners and mores.
wan: cloud. Yunnan.
林嶺東 lam lingdung: Ringo Lam (b. 1955).
lam: forest, woods.
ling: mountain ridges.
dung: east.
周潤發 jau yuen faat: Chow Yunfat (b. 1955).
jau: circumference. Chou (Zhou) dynasty.
yuen: soft, most, sleek, fresh.
faat: dispatch, issue, send forth. Achieve.
梁家輝 leung gaa fai: Tony Leung Ka-Fei.
leung: bridge, beam, rafter.
gaa: family, household.
fai: splendour. Shining upon.
張耀揚 jeung yiu yeung: Roy Cheung.
jeung: stretch, extend; sheet (of paper, etc.).
耀 yiu: shine, dazzle; glorious.
yeung: scatter, spread; praise.

友誼之光 Yau yi ji gwong
The glow of friendship.

Yan-sang yu sai seung, yau gei ko chi kei ?
To-sieu yau-yi nang cheung-chyun?
Kam-yat bit-lei gung ney seung-seung leung ak sau,
Yau-yi seung tsoi ney ngoh sam leui!

人生 yan sang: one's life.
yu: in, at, to, from, by.
世上 sai seung: on earth, in this world.
yau: have.
幾个 gei ko: how many, however many.
知己 chi kei: know oneself; intimate friend.
多少 do siu: a few, some; somewhat. How many?
友誼 yau yi: companionship, friendship.
nang: able to, can.
長存 cheung chyun: last forever.
今日 gam yat: today.
bit: leave, depart; distinguish.
lei: parting, leaving. To separate, go away.
hong: common, shared.
nei: you.
雙雙 seung seung: both, together with.
leung: two, both.
握手 ak sau: to shale hands.
友誼 yau yi: friendship, fellowship.
seung: always, frequently, often, constantly.
joi: in, at, on.
你我 nei ngoh: your and mine.
心里 sam leui: mind, heart; thoughts.

Kam-tien che yiu jaam-biet,
Ta-chiew ya deng nang jeui-sau;
Jung-si pat nang woei-min,
Chi-chung ya si pang-yau.

今天 kam tin: today, at present.
che: and, moreover, yet.
yiu: demand, require, request, want.
jaam: temporarily.
bit: distinguish, separate, depart.
他朝 ta chiu: another dawn, a different time.
ya: also, too.
定能 ding nang: certainly be able to.
聚首 jeui sau: gather, meet.
縱使 jung si: though, despite, even if.
不能 pat nang: cannot, not able to. Must not.
會面 wui min: meet with; a meeting. See each other.
始終 chi jung: from beginning to end; beginning & finally.
si: is, are.
朋友 pang yau: friend.

Sut yau man lei san,
Gak-jo leung tei yiew;
Pat seui kien-min,
Sam-tsong ya chi-hiew;
Yau-yi goi pat liew.

seui: to persuade. Sut: to say, to speak.
yau: have.
萬里 man lei: far away; for ten thousand miles.
saan: mountains.
gak: separate, partitioned.
jo: hinderd, obstructed.
leung: two, both.
dei: -ly, -ness. Earth, place. Field, ground.
yiu: distant, remote, far off.
pat: no, not.
seui: require, need, want, must.
見面 kin min: see each other, meet (again).
心中 sam jung: in one's thoughts, within the heart.
ya: also, too.
知曉 chi hiu: to know, understand; comprehend daybreak, perceive clearly.
友誼 yau yi: friendship; companion-suitable.
goi: change alter, transform.
不了 pat liu: unable; without end.

肥媽瑪俐亞 fei maa Maria (fat momma Maria): Maria Cordero, Hong Kong singer born in Macau in 1954. Wrote song above, performed it in the movie and on stage.

NOTE: movies.

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