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biu: float, drift, whirl.
juek, jyu: to touch, to wear; to make known, to author; action in progress.
se: a little, a few; rather.
mei: small, minute; decline; millionth part.
cheui: puff, blow; brag, boast.
dung: move, happen; to act, to move, to change.
faat: hair.
luen, lyun: love, long for, year; feel attachement.
bun: sort, class, category.
分行 fan hang: branch company; subsidiary.
mat: honey.
gaau: teach, instruct.
慢慢 maan maan: slowly; in a leisurely manner.
lau: flow, drift; class, ranking.
dai: bottom part, underneath.
yau: float, swim, drift, wander, roam.
枯樹 fu syu: withered trees.
laang: cool, cold; lonely.
leui: inside, interior; within.
yiu: swing, shake, wave; to row with oars.
ye: wilderness, moors.
mou: evening, sunset, dusk.
chaan: destroy, opress, ruin; cruel, oppressive, savage; broken.
haa: rosy clouds, especially at dawn.
自助 ji jou: self service.
檀島 taan tou: 'sandalwood island' - Hawaii, specifically Honolulu.
taat: flog; a tartlett.
taap: tower, pagoda; a tartlett.
櫃枱 gwai toi: shop counter.

海泡石煙斗 hoi paau sek yin dau: 'sea foam stone smoking pipe' - meerschaum pipe.

syu: rat, mouse.
狐狸 wu lei: fox.
水貂 seui diu: mink, mustelid spp.
冒充 mou chung: feign, pretend to be.
mou: to risk, dare.
chung: fill up, be full; supply.
淺灘 chin taan: shoal; shallow beach; a sand bank
儲錢罐 chyu chin gun: money box, piggy bank.
豬仔錢罐 jyu jai cin gun: piggy bank, money box.
陰司紙 yam si ji: Hell bank notes.

庫 撲 罌 汀洲 恆
chaat: to brush; scrub.
蔘茸藥行 saam yung yuek hang: apothecary.
河堤 ho tai: embankment.
河邊 ho pin: riverside river bank.
行長 hong jeung: president of an enterprise.
jung; masses, multitude; the public.
棕果 jung gwo: palm fruit.
duen: short, weak, lacking.
hot: coarse woolens, hemp; dark brown or grey.
fui: ashes, dust; slaked lime; grey; dejected.
fuk: crouch, crawl; conceal.
pin: flat; board, tablet. Same as 匾 (pin): horizontal inscribed sign.
yik: wings, fins.
lou: forehead, skull.
syu: mouse, rat.
yi: ear, handle.
juk: foot, attain.
teui: thighs, gams.
fok: suddenly.
si: clan; maiden name.
tai: hooves, trotters.
lou: foolish, stupid; vulgar.
sou: whiskers, moustaches.
mou: tomb.
jau: wrinkles, wattles, skin folds; creased.
seun: lips.
man: kiss, lips & mouth.

青檸汁 ching ning chap: 'green lemon sap' - lime juice.
酸豆 suen dau: 'sour bean' - tamarind.
tsou: vinegar.
yim: salt.
mat: thing, object; matter.
氛圍 fan wai: ambience, atmosphere.
fan: gas, vapour.
wai: surround, encircle.
靚女 leng neui: pretty girl.
改善 goi sin: make better, improve.
jaam: stand guard; station, stand, bus stop.
立場 laap cheung: position, standpoint; point of view.
無可能 mou ho nang: impossible; can't be done.
對岸 deui ngon: opposite bank; other side of a body of water.
錢莊 chin jong: money changer.

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