Sunday, May 23, 2010


標題 biu tai: title, heading, headline, caption, subject.
收件人 sau gin yan: recipient (of mail); To: (email header).
日期 yat gei: date.
寄件人 gei gin yan: sender.

開始轉寄郵件 hoi chi jiun gei yau gin: begin forwarded message.
開始 hoi chi: to begin, beginning, to start, initial.
轉寄 jiun gei: to forward (a message, letter, article etc).
郵件 yau gin: mail, post.

hoi: open; initiate, begin, start.
chi: begin, start; then, only then.
juen: shift, move, turn.
gei: send, transmit, mail; rely on.
yau: postal, mail; post office.
gin: numerary adjunct for article; matter.